People are What Matters…

As part of my role as Director of Sales and Account relations for 360TCS, I have provided countless tours of our facility to prospective clients looking to add a level of resiliency to their IT infrastructure. Over the years, giving Data Center tours has always been among my favorite parts of my job. We are proud of what we have built and I welcome every opportunity to share information with interested end users.

Most potential client visits are pretty similar. I wax poetic about redundancy, reliability, compliance, and security,  extolling the virtues of our physical infrastructure. I tout the flexibility of our network design and our up-time track record. Without exception, everyone who has made the time to come see us, expresses a level of impress based on our obvious attention to detail and our seemingly “over-engineered” approach to Data Center design. Almost always, the focus is based on the technology. Until last week…

During a recent walk through, I was enjoying a pleasurable interaction with a potential client. The two gentleman taking the tour that day were particularly knowledgeable and were able to easily recognize the quality of the critical components of our infrastructure. They asked all the right questions and we hit it off quite well. They were easy to like as they seemed to have an understanding of what it takes to provide a high level of service to a demanding client base.

After they left, I was feeling pretty good about the overall experience. Later that day, I received a follow up e-mail from the potential client. He thanked me for my time and for the information provided which was pretty typical. But he went on to add some observations regarding the overall feeling of “warmth” he experienced while meeting some of our staff. That hit home for me because we have made deliberate effort to establish an environment and a culture where clients are truly our partners and are considered part of “The 360TCS Family.”

He stated in his note, “People are what matter Don, not technology – IT is just a tool.” Great wisdom from a seasoned technologist.  We are lucky to have a great staff here @ 360TCS. They are truly the reason we have experienced the success we have up to this point.

If you have a need for colocation or Data Center services and you would like to see for yourself what 360TCS has to offer, please reach out to me personally to schedule your site visit. I guarantee you will find it to be a valuable use of your time.


Don Welbourn
360 Technology Center Solutions
Director of Sales / Account Relations




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